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Friday I made more progress on my LEGO build.
Saturday we joined T and went down to Marine Science and Technology Center, which is mostly just a small aquarium. They had young docents who were pleasant and enthusiastic, if not overly trained. There was also a very active red octopus, and I hope my video of it turned out well. The aquarium was very cold, basically the same as outside, which was just about freezing. After about an hour, we went to a Thai place for lunch. I had a nice curry thing with pineapple and crunchy things; the waiter seemed to want to discourage me from getting it, but I really liked it. Then we went for a walk in Dash Point park, I think ~ 2 miles, but I failed to track it properly. Back in West Seattle we did a quick run through of the new SJG Batman dice game, which was fun. In the evening I watched the newest Sherlock episode, and didn't like it much. New plots are...not classic.
Sunday I slept in quite late, then went for a bike ride up to Ballard, just barely making 26.50 miles. Live by the round-off, die by the round-off.

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