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Pretty much just that.

My week has mostly been job search stuff-phone calls, resumes, etc. I have done some coding exercises for interviews and just to keep in practice, but I haven't started my online course yet like I had planned. I am slipping a bit on the bike riding, but the weather excuse is pretty solid- it snowed inches yesterday, and I did go out this morning.

Saturday was SeaLUG down at the warehouse. Pretty ordinary. I was really tired when I got home, so I spent the rest of the playing Spaceward Ho.
Sunday was a little busy- we went out to visit with T and plan a trip to Eastern WA in a few months, then back home to drop off S and get some beer, then back out the Renton to watch the game. It was a very good game, I thought. I had totally written of the Patriots, but they pulled it off with some amazing football. I didn't think much of the commercials. It was already snowing pretty hard when I drove home, so I was glad when I got home safely.
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