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I didn't get another job.

So I had an on-site interview on Friday; I thought it went OK, but not great. I was a little surprised they didn't buy me lunch, since the process ended at ~1pm. Oh well. Afterwards, I mostly relaxed and read the book club book.
I also did some work on my fly-wheel-launching wacky racer, since Bricks Cascade is coming up.

Saturday I went for a bike ride around the neighborhood, did a little productive puttering on the racer, but mostly sat around playing Spaceward Ho. Not the best use of time. In the evening I went out to Renton for my nephew's birthday dinner.

Sunday I escorted S to the Asian History Museum since she didn't want to bike there herself, then biked home alone. Once again, I mostly goofed off.

Monday I started trying to schedule my time, since I realized I had frittered away hours over the weekend unintentionally. I went for a ride after lunch, and got the ding letter in the early afternoon.

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