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Of ordinary life, not a new job.

Saturday's highlight was an afternoon at a bar with my brother-in-law, sister and wife. We went to Whiskey West, as a much belated celebration of his birthday. It was lovely; the remodel from Feedback Lounge is extensive. The place is light and airy, with the music at a conversational level, friendly staff, as extensive a whiskey selection as the name implies, and good food. We stayed several hours, and he even stole the check, the sneaky, cheeky bastich. Thanks!

Sunday my sisters and I advanced a paperwork thing related to my father's estate. I should send John email warning him. After lunch at Casa Durango, Beth (and Linda) and I went to see The Great Wall, which did what it says on the tin. Silly, colorful action film with Matt Damon. I didn't want my time back afterwards, at least.

I've started reading the latest Brust novel from his Incrementalists series. Its no Vlad, and I am not loving it yet.

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