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I MIB'd at ECCC again, and ended up promoted to cell leader

So I went to ECCC as a Man In Black, a demo rep for SJG. I like doing demos, and I get a few hours free to walk around the con. I don't like ECCC enough to be interested in buying my way in, but working it is fun. The staffers there were the same fellows from last year, and I enjoy them both. We had a slightly smaller crew this year, I think. Two new MIBs, the RD, and myself, plus the 2 staffers. Still, that was enough given the booth wasn't all that large.
I went on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, and mostly stayed at the booth all day. Some highlights:

  • I brought in Castellan and Chupacabra, since I like to demo them so much. They aren't on the 'push' list, but I still think they are fantastic games.
  • The gender switched Goblin prince/bride costume from Labrynth
  • Many fantastic Disney princess dresses.
  • Quite a lot of skimpy comic costumes on people who looked good wearing them. Plus lots of cool costumes on more typical people.
  • I was pressured into becoming Cell Leader, since the previous guy has apparently disappeared. Ugh. Hopefully means not that much more work; I've avoided finding out for sure for about 20 years.
  • After the con, they (Staffers) took us out to dinner. That was pleasant, but I ended staying up and out later than I usually like. I think that contributed to my getting some sort of bug that I am fighting off now.

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