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We went to the Burke Museum and the zoo.

Saturday we met our friend Trish for a trip to the Burke Museum; there was a traveling exhibit that goes away soon. That exhibit wasn't exceptional, but the Burke always rewards with good displays. I learned about 'atlatl weights' enough to spur some further research, which was cool. I also spoke with a graduate student doing research (seemed to be focused on people's perceptions of the use of 3-d printing replica artifacts) so I feel behind Trish and S, and missed much of the downstairs. The weather was spitting when we go out, but there was a cool place to eat Trish wanted to try (Morsel). As feared, there was a line, but it only ended up being a 30 minute wait or so. The biscuits were yummy, too. We drove Trish home, and then I headed out to Renton to take my niece to see Logan. We failed at the movie, since it was sold out (4:15 show,3 weeks after it opened, 20 minutes before showtime. Crazy.) We had a late lunch at a wing place that was a favorite of hers, and arranged for Sunday dinner to be early so we could try again Sunday.
Sunday was another Trish excursion, this time a zoo experience with the Rain Forest House. It started with keeper Amy, who was quite loquacious and enthusiastic. The lemurs were a bit skittish, and the one I was assigned to give a grape to skittered away from me. I am awfully big and scary. Even S was unable to coax it down for a grape. Then we had some front of the house tours of the rain forest area, nice discussion of the anaconda and ocelot, and closed the first part with a visit to the Jaguar in the back of the host. Jaguars (and probably most big cats) have a really cool coughing growl. Then we met with keeper Robyn(?) who showed us the basement and gave us a tour of the birds. That was neat, seeing the basement passages and the habitats from a new angle. I took a bunch of photos, but they mostly sucked.
After the tour, we left the zoo pretty quickly. The beautiful weather meant lots of other people were there, and the zoo is more fun with less crowding. We walked around Phinney for a mile or so, heading towards an ice cream place but ended up doing mexican food, which was... ok. I think I am just cheap, but the price/value proposition seemed weak. And it turns out the ice cream place was literally another block, we just hadn't realized it.
After a brief rest at home I left again for Renton, and enjoyed a lovely dinner with my family, then A and I went out to see Logan. This time, thanks to some help from Beth buying tickets online, we succeeded. I liked the film OK; it definitely did what the add suggested. Patrick Steward did acting, Hugh Jackman did action and acting, and the effects department did corpses and blood. Worth the time, and fun to spend time with my niece.
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