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I went to SeaLUG and the zoo.

Friday night I chilled at home. I solo'd a hand of V:TES, since the tournament is coming up soon.
Saturday was the SeaLUG meeting. I had a quick bike ride, then drove to Redmond for the meeting. I had a slight update of some GBC modules to show off, which was fun for some to see. I was invited to Bricks Fiesta, but that is in Dallas, so I don't think I will be going. I stayed for the draft, and was exhausted when I finally got home.
Sunday I met with Trish to go to the zoo. We had a nice walk in the chilly but sunny morning, seeing bears, Stella's Sea Eagles and lots of other stuff, then queued up to feed the penguins. They had a surprising grip strength as they paddled furiously to rise up out of the water and grab the dead fish from my fingers. Afterwards we saw a few more things- the Ocelot was out and about in the rainforest- and then I called it a day, since I was already tired. I came home and more or less took a nap until time for family dinner. Dinner was nice again, breakfast burritos are always good.
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