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I forgot to blog last week, so this is a combined dump. Biking around Tulips in Conway, then a LEGO convention in Vancuver.

So last Friday we hooked up the bike rack on the car and drove to Skagitt Valley for the Tulip festival.
Even on a weekday morning (we arrived around 11am) there was substantial traffic, so we were glad to have the bikes. The weather started cloudy, but turned sunny over a few hours. The wind was significant, so sometimes the flat ground was hard to make headway. We went to Tulip World this time,
after passing the other place by. Both were nice, but two would have been more tulips than I could enjoy. We did the tractor ride, too, which was totally worth it. Remember to grab a blanket- with the wind, the chill air was positively cold.
On Saturday we almost went to see Women's soccer, but everyone flaked on me. A friend offered me tickets, and I biked out to Queen Anne to pick them up (thats a big hill!). It was very nice weather for a ride, so I was glad to be out. I ended up handing the tickets off at Meeples, where they found someone to use them.
Sunday was Easter dinner with my family- S made a pie, and joined us for ham and other good food.

Over the week I had an interview with Nordstrom, which I thought went well. So did they- they plan to make me an offer, but I haven't seen the details yet.
For the weekend we went up to Canada for BrickCan. I just had my ball contraption to show off. It worked pretty reliably, of course the worst problems happened when I left others to watch it and went off to have fun. I didn't bother setting up the train; the battery life problems were more than I wanted to deal with. One of the participants (Mark, I think) built an amazingly solid first GBC with a very useful 'recirculate' switch. I managed to play in the "left hand, right hand" game, where teams only get to use one hand each. I failed to sign up S, so I played with another man who also failed to sign up his wife. We had fun, but the winners were VERY fast. I got to see Paul Hetherington's talk, which was very good. I'll never be that internet famous, but I'm OK with that.
My GBC won a trophy, I forget the exact category name. It is easier to win in a category with few contestants. Our door prizes were fairly large, and I got some good brick from the Master Build game on Sunday. We made it home before too late Sunday night, and relaxed for a while.
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