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I did some SJG demos at Meeples for Tabletop Day, and rode my bike.

Friday I had an oil change (and tire rotation). The didn't tighten the bolts properly, but I noticed, and had them fix it quickly. While the change was happening, I had chips and salsa and read my book in the sun. That morning I rode my bike, too.
Saturday was also a nice day; I did a morning ride. I stopped at several open houses, actually finding things more or less the right size instead of the 4-5 bedrooms things I had noticed before. Later in the day I went to Meeples, and did some demos. Mostly dice games, since they are so fast and easy. I did 3 hours, and easily could have done more, but they more or less ran out of people. Two new MIBs showed up, and we chatted a bit before we split off for demos.

Sunday I rode again, and had family dinner in the evening. That was also nice.
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