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I kept this diary in a tiny notepad, and would prefer it was transcribed.

We fly first class. Up early in Methuen, after being up very late to get there. Flight OK, 1 hour late to Miami. Run to wrong connection, then to Mexicana connection on other side of airport. Business class bulkhead seats. S saw storm damage from air. Land, luggage not there. Get to VCI with just carryons. (this is right after the hurricane, so our pre-booked flights were cancelled. I recall first class didn't have champagne for mimosas, which made me sad.)

No luggage, up early, trip to Walmart for clothes. Made to the meeting a little late. All day at the Royal Sands, Royal Islander for drinks and giant drinks at pool bar. Beach very thin and rocky. Burgers and beers at the welcome party. Danced a little. Walk along resorts up to (Maya?). More tall drinks to take no shuttle (? that doesn't make sense.) Check SCUBA place at Sands, booked a dive. Colorful quesadilla snack and salad, then back to VCI, found luggage, then relaxing.

Too Much Fun In a Boat. Wait for last people, a woman and kid. Tom and Carol other couple. Not so good snorkel, visibility poor, ~ 30 feet. 2 pair boxfish, big filefish. Then shopping (? at Isla Mujeres? Not sure). Slow sail back, visit random hotel for bathroom, big relief. Brief dunk in pool, then back home. Dinner at Puerto Madera overpriced steak house. Steak came on sizzling griddle, 400grams. S had eggplant lasagna. Direct bus home. (all the traffic lights were out, and almost no one was taking the buses) Walk around VCI romantic moonlight.

Thought I had lost SCUBA receipt; desk had it. Bus over to Sands, then go to SCUBA. 2 tank dive surprise. Shark, eel, ray, turtle. Then Taco party, talk about SCUBA, swim together, drinks party with post Wilma (the hurricane) storm montage. Catherine gave us new resort info. Dinner @ Paco Taco with liter of Sangria, home in a cab.

Another SCUBA trip. Big turtle. Martin (divemaster) pressured me in water to swim through cave, I got stuck inside for a short while. Very scarey. I skipped second dive because of it. Got seasick too. Tall drinks at the Sands, back to VCI. Casa Tequilla and necklace shopping for moms. High pressure sales. Home then sleep, very tired.

2 Much Fun again. Full boat- 24 people. Many ugly Americans, choppy water, windy, poor visibility. S went back to boat right away, I toughed it out, saw big spotted ray, puffer fish, lots of boring fish. Sail back slowly, I tried the head, not very pleasant or private. Swim @ VCI snack. S tried chunky monkey drink. We shared fruit and potato skins. Tequila tasing and buffet at @ Sisla (spelling?) was nice. I should try more aged tequila. S liked the dancers.

Up at 5am for Chichen Itza. Jaime was guide. Nice, camera battery was dying. Didn't get very hot until almost the end. S made it partway up the temple, then turned around. I took photos from top. Bought maps for dad. Home at 4pm due to traffic. Snack then walk on beach. S swam in pool, packing now. Untouched clothes: 2pr socks, 1 pr slacks, 2 nice shirts, 3 t-shirts 1 dark socks.
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