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We went on a trip to Eastern Washington.

Friday we went to a Dartmouth Alumni event with the Terracotta warriors. The talk before about current World/China relations was quite good. We went with T, and also managed to do a little random socializing with other alums. We also chatted with a docent about mole rats and spent time in the butterfly house, because that stuff is cool. The statues were pretty neat, too. I ended up feeling a little rushed by the format, but there isn't much to do about that.
We got up early the next morning to drive out to Palouse Falls. I had never been there, and it was pretty. We met T (and Jason) there, and did a half loop to the falls. I didn't like the look of the second half the loop (the bluff seemed a bit steep for comfort) so we doubled back the way we came. It was pretty, but fairly crowded. Then we traveled on to Dayton, with a stop at Lyon's Ferry park. That was a pleasant access point to to where the Palouse meets the Snake river. The weather was wonderful, sunny and cool. We had a nice walk around Dayton, which has many beautiful homes and some historic buildings. Dinner at the Manilla Bay Cafe. They messed up T's salad, but I liked my noodle dish just fine. We did some more walking around town after dinner, up until the beginnings of dusk.
Sunday we drove over into Idaho, and visited the Nez Perce park museum. I really liked the museum, and the ranger there was fantastic. The USA's dealings with the Nez Perce were horrible. The refusal to treat other parties as human almost always turns out badly. We went for a walk there too, and I ended up quite hungry. We went to the Main Street Grill in Lewiston and I had a bison burger. And cheese sticks, since I was still hungry. After lunch we drove up to Pullman and did a hike at < a href="https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kamiak_Butte">Kamaik Butte. That was lovely, although we did see a large brown metal box (maybe 1.5 x 1x1 meters?) a ways off the trail we couldn't identify. We chatted with Pat and Doug (local farmers) who offered us a ride in a combine if we come back in the fall. Pullman is far, but combines are cool.
Monday we went to WSU for the tour of the College of Veterinary Medicine T had won at the zoo. That was pretty neat. Lots of cool machines, some cool animals, neat machines to deal with farm animals, all that sorts of things. The school has apparently 70% female students, but they aren't doing anything for gender equality. They are trying to get more large-animal vets, though. After the tour we walked (further than we expected) over to see the bear research station. That wasn't so exciting; mostly just a few small pens with grizzly bears in them. We hung out for a while, and got to see the apple-feeding enrichment, where they hide a bucket of apples around the large exercise area, and release the bears to find them. A late lunch, and a trip to an ice cream shop later we headed back to the rooms. S and I had originally planned to stay over the night and leave first thing, but we were all done by 3ish, and so we drove home Monday. So we drove home, which made for a fairly long day. There was one weird part when Siri routed us through a gravel road to cut a corner, but it did in fact connect.

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