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Rented a boat at UW, and cycled.

Friday I worked some on a GBC. This one circulates the slightly larger balls amidst the normal ones. I should get a video up sometime. It mostly works, I am now just tweaking it for reliability.
Saturday we met T and rented a rowboat/canoe hybrid at UW. We paddles a little north and looked at birds and flowers along the shore. I have photos that may get uploaded over on my flickr eventually. Afterwards we stopped by a car wash (to clear off the Eastern Washington bugs) and the nursery (for spring flowers, some vegetables and aloe.) The day closed with more lego and stuff, I think. Oh yeah, I went for a bike ride to the library and around in the later part of the day.
Sunday I stayed in bed a bit, went for another bike ride, did some reading in the wonderful sun and then went out for a nice family dinner and visit.

Nice weekend all around, weather and people.

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