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I did a game demo, and some shopping. I also had dinner with my mother.

Friday I worked a little late, then went home and did some Lego, I think.
Saturday I did a game demo at the local store- I actually got to do some games, which was a pleasant surprise. The small messenger bag I got from SJG was actually quite good, and may end up being my default instead of the larger toolbox I have been using. In the evening I relaxed and did more Lego.
Sunday we went shopping for some camping stuff and other stuff. We also cleaned out the car and scrubbed some surfaces. Usual family dinner was changed around since A wasn't feeling well. B and my mother (in town for a graduation) came out to West Seattle, and we met up for dinner. That was nice. And I biked there, which was also cool.

Seems like maybe I did more on Friday or Saturday, but I've already lost it. Oh well.
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