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A foam sword battle followed by playing V:TES

Friday I worked on a mechanically reversing LEGO train, based on the rechargeable battery switch getting toggled. It seemed to work, but still leaves me dependent on a battery, and an expensive one at that.
Saturday was the foam sword party. The day was very sunny, and edging into overly warm. This was rescheduled after the guy flaked on the original date. They arrived like 45 minutes late this time, too, which is rather annoying. I had less turnout, which is reasonable-less notice for the new date, and all the folks who showed up last time had reason to feel burned. The folks who did show up seemed to have fun, though. Some photos are here and here. I actually had to leave a little early since I was double booked. The last Saturday of the month is Vampire Day, and we actually had 5 people scheduled!

It turns out we only had 4 players show up, but at least we got to play. Jeremy hosted, and laid out quite the spread of snacks and sandwich fixings. We played 3 games, and I did terribly. I made relatively few mistakes, but between those mistakes and some bad luck in seating, I scored zero points. Even so, I had fun, and was glad to have done it.

Sunday was a bit of a crash; I was very sore from the party and the sun. We had thought of going to Pride, but instead stayed close to home. I did go on a quest to get a new planting pot for our giant pot-bound snake plant, which got a long-awaited replanting. There was illness in Renton, which combined with my malingering means I didn't make it out for family dinner (or catch-up Pandemic)

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