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Rode my bike, went to SeaLUG, went to NW Trek.

Friday I poked around on LEGO and relaxed.
Saturday I rose at a reasonable hour and went for a bike ride along the shore. It was a very good week for milage, with several round-trip commutes.
In the afternoon was the SeaLUG meeting on Mercer Island. S and I had collaborated a little on a MOC (Washington Crossing the Delaware) to enter in the 'red, white, and blue' contest theme. We ended up winning a prize! I also brought my latest GBC with the non-standard balls, although I forgot power and normal balls, so I didn't show it off very well. The last item was the latest iteration of my train module engine, and I got some very useful feedback and suggestions for it, whose implementation and testing made up much of the evening. I also got some good social connecting with Alex and Alexander, who I always enjoy.
Saturday I also had the last minute idea to visit Northwest Trek on Sunday. S extended the idea to suggest we invite people to join us, so we did that and ended up with a happy foursome to head off to the park first thing on Sunday. We saw all the animals (well, some were off display, so no Grizzlies or Wolverines) but plenty of fawns, lambs and calves, and S thinks the skunks were kits.
I learned my memory card wasn't working in the camera, which was disappointing. I need to try to clean the corrosion off it, then buy a new one when that doesn't work.
After the animals, we checked out the nature walk in the park, but had a little trouble with the trail marking, so ending up doing a 'P' loop instead of a proper 'O'. Still, the woods were nice, with songbirds and ferns and such. Spending the day with several of my favorite people was also a plus.

We stopped off for lunch at a highly regarded (by yelp) burger joint that changed location since it was Yelp-registered, leading to a little adventure in finding it. We got Beth back to Renton by 4ish, and I expect T was home by 5:30, so that was a pretty full day. I was pretty spent, and basically crashed (the side order of tater tots was probably a mistake), although S did like 5 productive things with the several hours of daylight left.

Date: 2017-07-04 09:48 pm (UTC)
From: [personal profile] ejmam
I am still delighted we got turned around, as I was tracking steps. Thanks for thinking of me -- I had a great time. And I enjoyed the tater tots, so I'm glad you indulged.

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