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Saw a play, toured a B&B

Friday night we chilled at home, and made plans to go see Much Ado on Mercer Island in a park. We also played the calendar game to schedule a bunch more plays. My new metal track lego train arrived during the week, and I played around with a GBC setup with it.
Saturday we went and saw the play. We tried to meet up with my sisters (and nephews) but sat down before we saw them. We did get to chat a bit before the play. Our seats we at least partially in the sun, and I got a burn where I didn't lotion properly.
Sunday we joined T and went on a tour of a B&B that was mostly treehouses. Apparently there is a reality show on building treehouses, and this is where the star started practicing his craft. It was pretty cool, but I can't really see spending $300+ per night to stay in one of these.
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