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Card Tournament. Migrating to new host, as a generic attempt to PC and distrust. I really should just locally host, but that seems like work.

Friday was some work on a coding project, followed by playing V:TES. The local group hosted a tournament, and we had players (well, 1 each) from Canada and Oregon, and several from Denver. The Denver crowd crushed us again. I won a game on Friday, though.

Saturday was long. I did some a bike ride, some coding and a few other chores in the AM. I haven't been sleeping well, and arrived at the tournament already tired. I played OK, but my Brandywine deck didn't flow well, and I scored zero points in 3 games. I stuck around for some social games, and did score a point, but my play got worse. I think I got home after 11, and had trouble sleeping.

Sunday was more of the same. The cards start time got moved up, so I nerded a bit then headed out. Being the first one to arrive is never the best. I camped a table, did my Doulingo (500 days!) then everyone arrived. We played some 6-player games. I scored zero points again with Brandywine (never even getting the combo off, thanks to a stealthy prey). The second game I also failed, but at least I bled for 7 with Arrika, which was fun to try. In the evening I met with my sister and her boys (and L, whose relationship with me has no easy term) for a nice dinner at Casa Durango.

Date: 2017-04-11 12:15 am (UTC)
From: [personal profile] ejmam
L and I have decided on "friends" as a term, but sometimes I call her my mother-in-law-in-law, as she is my BIL's mother.

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