I saw porcupines at the zoo, and got laid off.
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SeaLUG and the Zoo.

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Very neglected blog is neglected.

Over New Years Eve I mostly did LEGO stuff, prepping for the Presentation and Workshop at Bricks Cascade in March. I drank more than usual over the weekend, but also got some bike riding in, despite the cold (below freezing) weather.

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Zoo experience with walruses.
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Long time since an update, so you get a dump.
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Foam Sword Party, Dinner Party, Bike Ride.
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Really, not much of a clue.
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I saw the Captain America:Civil War, went to a games party, and family dinner.

I think last weekend was the Bike and Brews race; we did the 15 mile option, and made an early day of it. Hmm. That was two weeks ago. I think I did even less last weekend; I was on-call on Sunday. Probably did a bike ride Saturday and I think I went to SeaLUG meeting.
I went to a LEGO convention in Vancuver. It was pretty fun.
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I made the finals of the local V:TES Tournament. I went on a bike ride and did family dinner.
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I did game demo stuff at ECCC
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We went to Salt Lake City Utah for the weekend. My brother lives there. It was fun.
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Went for a bike ride Saturday, family dinner Sunday.
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Helped my sister's mother-in-law move, then felt sick on Sunday and missed a zoo thing.
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On Wednesday, we went to a Jane Siberry concert.
The rest of the week was pretty chill.
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Last weekend was Bricks Cascade down in Portland. I did some GBCs.
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