When I bike to work, I sometimes have to wait at a train crossing. This morning I learned that I can go around a blocking train in about 8 minutes. Given that trains can block for anywhere from 3 minutes to over 30, how long should I wait before I take the alternate route? Do I need to know more about the spread of wait times to actually solve this problem for maximum efficiency?
I suspect the answer is something like "wait for 1/3 the time it takes to go around", but I'm not sure if that is due to some dimly remembered pop-science article, or just random crap from my head.
I rode my bicycle to work today. I made one wrong turn, and waited 10 minutes for a train to finish working its way into the railyard, but wasn't any later than a slow bus day. I forgot to wear the rain pants, but didn't really get rained on. I do need to grab some gloves, though. The ride to work is mostly downhill, and it it was chilly enough for the wind to bite.

Beats waiting in the cold when you miss a bus, like I did last night, though.

In other news, I found my printouts of the WoW leveling guide. It starts at 30. My druid is 28 (and my nephew is 29 or 30) so we could probably start, actually. My priest (and sister's mage) are low 20s, though. Anyone got a good guide to wetlands?

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