So we leveled up in the d20 game. I have to decide what to do. Here are the mechanical options:

  • Barbarian: extra skill points, +10" movement (from 30 to 40), rage, d12 hp.
  • Fighter: extra feat, d10 hp.
  • Rogue: lots of skill points, tumble as a class skill, +1d6 sneak attack, d6hp, no BAB.

And I get another Feat, with these likely options

  • Power Attack: trade to-hit for extra damage. I'm specialized in a 2-hd weapon, so I get extra damage out of this. Pre-req for:
  • Cleave: get a free attack for killing an opponent.
  • Dodge: +1 AC. I wear weak armor, so this is appealing. It is also a pre-req for
  • Mobility: +4 AC vs. Attacks of Opportunity.

I use the Spiked Chain, with Focus, Specialization, Improved Trip and Combat Reflexes.
I'm tempted by the barbarian level, so I can better get to a spot to threaten multiple opponents, and AoO them when they do stuff. But with my weak AC (and only cross-class access to tumble), I am likely to get beat up on the way there, which Dodge/Mobility would help with. But to get Dodge/Mobility, I need to be a Fighter (for the bonus feat), and wouldn't get the extra movement.

On the other hand, Power Attack is really good for 2-hd weapons-that double damage bonus is excellent. I welcome thoughts/suggestions.


Jul. 23rd, 2006 04:28 pm
A bit of narrative from Friday's game
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Those were the only combat rolls for the night; a fun session.
I had the chance to babble about gaming to [ profile] delere about gaming stuff on the way back from the Hillsborough Ballon Fest on Sunday, and came up with some interesting twists on dwarven culture, following up on this post.

In short: most Dwarves are homosexual by culture and inclination.

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I've been busy. Deal. Here are some thoughts that have been bouncing around my head in regards to some of the metaphysics of the d20 game I'm in.

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Wow, that was pretty pointless. No wonder I put off actually writing it out.
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In short, Murdok intends to spend the next 50-100 years in search of fortune and glory. As the years go by, he will want to do this adventuring more among dwarves, or at least nearer to the Dwarven lands, so as to maximize his fame, but for now, he is starting out among humans, so that if he fails, or has setbacks, that won't be news at home.
I am playing in two rpgs; both fantasy, one GURPS and one d20. This entry is about the d20 game. I'm not sure what direction to take the character in, mechanically or narratively. I expect to level up soon, and don't know what to do.
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Any thoughts, either d20 mechanics tweaks or narrative story points, appreciated.

For folks with laptops who play d20 games, I recommend:
Of course, this will NOT make sense to few of my regular readers. Maybe I'll try to get some irregular ones.
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