So I am coming off of 4 days of conventions- 2 for fun, 2 for work.

The fun one went better than I had expected. In past years, events wouldn't go off, which is quite frustrating. This year, I had 3/4 of my games go off very well- only the Sat. Morning game had attendance issues. I did get stood up by a guy I was offering a place to stay to, but that is just a lesson learned for the future.
Frag went really well. I made a point of pressuring people to decide and act quickly, and I think that did a lot to make it more interesting and fun. I may do a whole day of Frag next year.
I was most interested in Illuminati:Crimelords. I'd really like to play it a few more times. It is a bit complicated, though- about at the Jyhad level, although with better written rules and no infinite card universe. I need to see if I can get some local people to play it, perhaps once every couple of weeks for a month or two. Enough that we can focus on playing the game, not looking stuff up in the rules.

On Monday, I drove to Manchester and flew to DC, to attend a Neuroscience convention, demonstrating our new software tools. That went OK, I guess. I did about 2 hours of demos, and sat through about an hour of presentation. I did get to do a few hours of tourist stuff in DC, as well. I need to download those pictures sometime, too.

Anyone want to try and play Crimelords sometime of the holiday season? Mob bosses fighting for control of a city?

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