I haven't done much LJ. Lots to say, but also lots to do.

My work at Dartmouth ends at the end of August; I'm moving to Seattle or Portsmouth.

I'm playing a lot of WoW- pvp and pve; on Uldum, Suramar and Blackhand. My Blackhand druid is stalled at 54, since leveling her is sort of dull.

I am GM'ing a new game, based on my supers world; the characters are a sort of salvage company. One is just sort of a friend of the company, though. The got a macguffin back from a giant alligator in a swamp last night, and we mostly finished up characters. It was fun, I think.

I need to sleep more and better; the job thing has me tense, among other things.

Hope that covers most of the highlights.
So Wally's game ended today. I may log the final session later.

The next game will the be adventures of a small salvage company, doing jobs that no one else can do.
Character creation next Tuesday. I'm the GM, so I don't get to make one. I have to work on the world, instead.
Is the base template, since I like it.
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