So I caught the PAX Pox, H1N1, the Swine Flu, or whatever you want to call it last week, so my weekend wasn't all that interesting.
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Lots of little things this weekend, so the headline falls on the LEGO AT-AT I assembled on Saturday.
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I hope you had a nice weekend too.
So [ profile] delere and I went down to Portland for BrickFest 2009 over the weekend. (That is a convention and Expo for Adult Fans of Lego, in case you didn't know). We had a pretty good time. The previous week had been very busy and stressful at work, so I was a little harried going into things. Friday night we took the train down, which was...OK, I guess. I am glad to have tried it, but I don't think it was really better than the car since we had luggage to haul our Lego creations to the con. Saturday was pretty good- we rebuilt what got damaged during shipping, did some looking around at the stuff other folks had brought. We attended some seminars, but nothing that really grabbed me. I did some building competitions, but didn't win any prizes (of course, you get more bricks just for playing, and building is fun in itself, so it was still a win). We prepared things to be part of several community projects, but nobody else joined us in the community, so I was pleased that we prepared for that possibility as well. We also had lunch at a nifty burger place near the convention center. I had bacon for 5 meals in a row, from dinner Friday through breakfast on Sunday. Sunday was the public show; I had the joy of showing off my Ball Contraption to lots of attendees. Then we took the train home and mostly collapsed when we got home.

Some links to photos of our MOCs, since I'm slacking posting my own image:
capital ship
steampunk(on the left is mine)
Snow White

I'm going to make a bigger and better ball contraption.

I had a great time playing WoW last night, too. [ profile] webbnh joined our usual crew, and we poked around doing quests in Skettis. It was a nice, relaxing, fun time.
I can't stop poking at my Lego ball pumps. I just had an inspiration for an alternate way to do an archimedes screw, and I want to leave work to go try it out. And yet I persevere. I did inflict my ball pump video on another co-worker.

If only the megamillions had drawn the correct number, I could be working on my pump right now!
So I've been working on a Great Ball Contraption for a week or two now. I think it is finished.
Last night I added the hopper agitator; that is the exposed, chain driven shaft in the video. It stirs the hooper, breaking up ball jams and keeping the hopper flowing. I think it is a bit ugly, but it works.
The window is even cooler in person. You can actually see the occasional ball bouncing around and up the spiral inside the tower.

I only have 20 balls to pass through it at a time, though. I look forward to watching it go at the convention.
So this was another Lego Weekend out in Seattle. The snow encouraged us to not wander afield; we even skipped family dinner.
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BrickCon was this weekend. We had a lot of fun, despite my slow recovery from being sick. We bought cool stuff at the vendor tables, and the after-hours discount trip to the lego store. We both did the drop off on Thursday, chatting with some other con folks, then[ profile] delere did Con stuff on Friday, and I showed up again a little in the evening. That was the night of the lego store.

Saturday was contests and stuff. I won a trophy, although it was mostly through the luck of the bounce. Here is the winning racer, before it died on the concrete (!) stairs (on the viewers left, with the tusks). I didn't win the speed build, but it was fun to try. The winners were much faster than me.

[ profile] ejmam and sister stopped by the con on Sunday, and we had a fun time walking around with them. I drew poorly for the draft, but did get 20 frogs. We stayed for the award ceremony, and I won more swag.

So we have a lot of new lego bricks and toys to play with, and I'm tired.

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