For the past two games
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I had more stuff in mind for Banes/Azomon around the hosue, but they stayed off the land, let alone going into the house (with the peacock guard)

Next week is Scarred Lands.

Loot List

Jul. 30th, 2004 04:25 pm
Total haul for the party
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And a pretty interesting story to tell.
Am I missing anything?

Game Notes

Jul. 30th, 2004 04:21 pm
Manor Game, 7/29
December, Thursday, 4pm +
Still no real resolution.
I did hand out some luck dice.
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Did I miss anything?

A good session. Lots of tension and suspense. I could have been sharper, but still a good session.
Thursday morning, sometime in early december, in game time. Covering from around 4am until 4pm
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Did I miss anything important?
Do folks plan on doing more in Chicago, or just heading back to the Manor? if the latter, I'm not sure we need another week to play that out. Let me know...
No plan survives contact with the party:
notes from the 7/15 session
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Miss anything?
We played Tuesday, since one player would be out of town on Thurs. I need another player, and my expected new guy is on another continent, possible for another month.
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My notes from last night's game, in case we get no other logs:
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And that is where we ended.
What happened last time, as best as I recall:
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What is coming up:
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Thats the latest news, for the subset of my readership that cares.
Lake Michigan
November, 1949

A small cargo ship is struggling with a powerful storm. Waves of ice and water are smashing over the decks. The seas are so frothy that the words "The Fast Dollar" are hard to read on the prow. A press of water surges over the gunwales and breaks on the wheelhouse.
Inside, a crewman shouts to the captain "Do you think the rush money was worth it?" as they both fight to keep the wheel steady.

Another wave rushes over the side, breaking open some of the boxes secured on the deck. As the water drains out of the box, it carries with it shattered porcelain and some smaller intact figures-pale blue horses and delicate green soldiers with oddly hooked swords. An additional toss of the ship smashes the figures against the cabin.

In the hold, a large crate is strapped in place. The cables strain and groan as the ship rolls in the waves. [Cue ominous minor key music] There seems to be some sort of light coming from inside the crate. The walls of the crate move a little, bowing out from some internal pressure, answered by the smash of the waves on the sides of the ship. The light grows brighter.

Back on deck, the captain and crewman gaze with terror at the wave coming down on them. The ship is engulfed, there is a brief flash of light, and then just scraps of wreckage scattering in the storm.
The events as well as I recall them; I didn't take notes.
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I thought it was sort of anti-climatic, but I was spacy from my flu. People had fun. No clue what we are doing next, though.
Not very origanized, so I'll record it as best I can
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For an poorly planned session, we seemed have a lot of fun. Not purist, immersive gaming fun, but social fun. Fun is fun, though.

Dwight the stoner rules. He is totally showing up again. Dwight is ubiquitious!

The Patron

Oct. 12th, 2003 07:39 pm
The patron is retired from active business. He is in his fifties, and owns a substantial trading company with interests worldwide. His father was from an old english noble family, and his mother, wasamerican. William, as we'll call him for now, was a shrewd business man and increased the family fortune substantially. He moved to his current NH estate about 4 years ago at the same time he retired. Previously he had traveled on business and pleasure trips frequently; now he rarely leaves the estate, and always in chartered aircraft of vehicles, with strong security measures.

He is reclusive, and insulates himself from dealing with most people with lawyers, accountants and staff. The players have generally only met him directly in the library of his estate.

Maybe more later.


Sep. 22nd, 2003 03:24 pm is good today. I even perma-linked it.

Are computers any different in the game world? Maybe a little, but not much. High end (military spec) interfaces may include some brain wave-reading (how else do you realistically have multi-function battle suits?)
Processing power isn't much more than a year or three more advanced. Most of the comic-science things are in energy storage and direction (batteries and weapons) rather than making smaller faster circuits.

Esoteric number theory things haven't been cracked, although it wouldn't matter much for game play. I think AI hasn't been cracked, either, which would only matter as an exclusion of a possible character type. Androids aren't really my thing anyway.

I don't expect to go much into this subject, since it is unlikely to add very much to a game, but I did have some thoughts about this.

There is an extra fundamental force in the gameworld. The extra force is a sub-atomic force that exerts is effect on a molocular level, and the structure of DNA (for example) makes use of this very slightly. The bio-process supers (most of them) have their DNA super-charged by replacing some of the base pairs with scientific stuff having to do with this new force.

Other exploitations of this force allow the super-cool batteries you need to make useful powered armor and the like.

On a much smaller level, there are also magical forces, which may or may not be related to this extra force. I see no need to tie them in until needed, though.

Super-skilled people get by with a more favorable set of probabilistic assumptions, just like the CIA gets to be more compotent by GM fiat.
Wow, this was from 1994. Or at least, that was the last modified date

World History, Ted's Super hero game.

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