Alex and Bailey get married. Eventually, Bailey has an affair with Chris, the result of which is a child named Dexter. Later, Alex and Bailey get divorced. Should Alex be financially responsible for Dexter?

Does it matter what gender Alex and Bailey are? Why?
If so, does it matter how long the time between when Dexter is born and when the split is? How about if Alex and Bailey split after conception, but before birth?
The problem is that we let the state be in the business of grading marriages at all. WTF is up with that? If marriage is between people, why is the heavy hand of the state getting involved at all? You don't need a license to have a baby, why do you need on to get married?

How many people have to live on a desert island with you and your partner before the power to chose your own mate suddenly becomes a group thing rather than an individual one?

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