In brief: we enter the tree of uber-badness, kill snake-golems, get the maguffin from the living room, and leave.
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Next week will be a final battle, and the last session for Min.
For the past two games
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I had more stuff in mind for Banes/Azomon around the hosue, but they stayed off the land, let alone going into the house (with the peacock guard)

Next week is Scarred Lands.
I put this off too long; I'm transcribing raw notes rather than making a full log.
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End of combat time.
We somehow have a prisoner, and learn that these guys wanted the same spell we do, since they have the Mormu heart relic with a Gorgon Coven in the Hornsaw forest.
This leads to the more or less decided final of Lyana teleporting back to Vesh to report in, and the rest of us hurrying off to the Hornsaw to do some damage there.
In brief: heal up, do a few more rooms, find the central tomb, and notice that snake-man baddies are coming.
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And we ended there.

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