A short outline of what happened in the last game session, in case anyone wants to know.
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I'm gonna miss Wally and Rus. They were fun; well worth the effort of playing a GURPS mage.
Wally's Log from the next to last session. In brief: kill Vermin Lord, find important bodies, uncover plot points, get next power up.

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Not in character thoughts about the last session
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From the Special Saturday Session...
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At the end of the session, Wally was still out from his wounds. The party did win, though.
Wally's Log from the game played on 2006 05 11, bonus Thursday session.

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Wally's log from the 05/09 session
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Extra session planned for TOMORROW! We need to hurry, since a player is leaving.
From the 2006 05 04 Thursday session:
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Next game tomorrow night. Woo-hoo!
Notes from the game session on 4/25

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No game tomorrow; next session is on Thursday. A player has an exam.
For the session played on April 18th; Second half of the fight with Tregor, Undead Barbarian Warrior-King

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Glad to finally get that down; been meaning to write it for a week. Still not doing enough with smells, and the other sensations from the link with Rus. Oh well.
Wally Log; Fighting in the Tombs, 4/11 Session

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From the session played on 2006 03 28.
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Next session tonight: Fighting cave trolls.
I am reviewing my notes to write this. We had an interlude game of Super-heroes that went well, and almost played last night, but the GM got called away by Real Life.

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We are scheduled to play again next Tuesday; the player of Tom graduates at the end of Spring term, so we want to move the campaign to a better stopping point.
This is more gaming content; we missed a session last week.
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More gaming content; no real life behind the cut.
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Next session is in schedule limbo, unfortunately. Maybe this weekend, maybe next.
Notes from Wally's Diary
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This is my write-up of the gaming session on 2005-10-19
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More gaming stuff; no real life content behind the cut.
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More gaming nerd stuff here; many of my readers may just want to skip it.
These are entries in a character's diary; the diary may or may not actually exist, I haven't decided yet.
I really enjoyed the first session (2005-10-05); a good blend of skipping over time with letting us play some things out. That can be hard to do, and it is important to get at least some character play in to establish the personalities.
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