In short: We find a tomb, a secret chapel, and Skweak tries to kill himself.
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In brief: we finish the castle, and rescue Min Tal, a vigil (J's new character)
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Just the next 17 seconds of combat; nothing too interesting.
In brief: before we could drop the rest of the intial set of guards, their reinforcements arrive. Turin got dropped by a crossbow bolt, but Lyana healed him We are in the initial tower, with a bunch of guards staging at the bottom to come up and rush us.
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From the session on Tuesday, Sept. 6. First session after 4E conversion.

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I'm not sure how we will insert Fall/Getke. Can she levitate?
R's fantasy game is expected to start up again soon- and it looks like I never logged the last two sessions at all, and only posted raw notes of the antepentultimate session
I did some digging, and still have the notes from the last two sessions. I'll post raw notes, and hopefully upgrade all three to actual logs in the next week or two.
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This is the log of the last session we played of the fantasy game. The GM requested I post it. We may play this game again; it is hard to be sure. The GM has a habit of leaving the country for extened periods of time.

Previous notes
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I have play-by-play notes, but the combat wasn't that interesting. Lyana is under-reperesented, since many of her spells were power-ups, or resisted by the bad guys.
More gaming tonight. Woo-hoo.
Abbreviated synopsis of last session for those following at home
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That is about where we will pick up tonight.
Friday night I'm leaving the country. Woo-hoo!

Gaming 2/26

Mar. 1st, 2004 05:27 pm
This is a little late, but I'm not inspired. We are meeting twice in the coming week, since the GM and I are both leaving the country over the next 3 weeks.
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Game Tuesday and Thursday; Skweak should be dead or better soon.
The events after the bandit "toll", and early in the city of Ontenazu (sp?). 5 CP awarded for previous sessions around the start of the session.
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The guide's name was Ellen, but we haven't met her yet.
What is Skweak really afraid of?
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Of course, it isn't always prudent to intentionally scare an archer who can put an arrow in your eye (and out the back of your head) at 200 yards
Jan 29th session. No xp awarded. thoss was out of town.

you never really can tell with people, y'know? you think they care about you, then they go and do something wacky. Let me tell you about this time...
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So what would you do if your friends handed you over to your enemies while you were asleep (after you woke up and killed your enemies, I mean)?


Jan. 23rd, 2004 04:01 pm
At what point would you escalate to lethal force?

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Wow, that was less focused than I intended.


Jan. 22nd, 2004 04:53 pm
This is some deeper delving into Skweak's psyche. Could be boring. Fair warning!
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Of course, Skweak wouldn't actually talk about any of this unless he was drunk and depressed, which doesn't happen that often.

# You have the opportunity to gain some information by torture, what do you do?
# How would you act above if you were not certain that the victim had any information?

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I wonder how much "Code vs Killing (except wizards)" is worth? Probably a quirk.
1/15 real time. Late fall game time. No xp awarded. Not a technically accurate description of events. I have accurate notes, but am writing from the point of view of a halfling in denial.

So yeah, there was this werewolf guy, and these creepy humans in Mullistown-what are you going to do?
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log for the jan 8th session. No xp were awarded at the session, although we did confirm the award of 5 xp from the end of the last session.

On with the log:
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sorry for typos, but my keyboard is acting up. i'll try to clean it up at work on Monday.
(This happened June 26th, 20003, real time. Wow.)
So what do you do with a Big Book of Titanic Evil Badness?
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What, you expected a happy ending?

The game

Jan. 2nd, 2004 08:38 pm
So we couldn't let the ratlings get away with the Bad Book. It turns out they were headed into the mountains, though, so we had to leave behind some of the provisions we had managed to bring through shipwreck and ruin. Tragic, that.
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ahh. Thats elven, isn't it?
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So where was I? Oh yes, the caves, the trap, the arrows, the darkness...Read more... )
Here, finish this off, lets get another bottle.

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