Food Two

Oct. 25th, 2005 01:21 pm
So I did a second session of new recipe cooking last night. Stayed pretty close to the plan- picked the menu Sunday, cooked monday. This recipe was from the "I Hate to Cookbook" (This, I think), which focuses on minimizing cooking effort.
The dish was indeed very easy, although the hour in the oven doesn't match my traditional style as well. Basically spam, crackers, milks and cheese baked in a dish. It was good enough, if a little salty. It was really easy to do, though, and I think I could repeat it without looking it up, which is a plus. Next week I'll probably go back to a more complicated recipe- the whole point of the exercise is spending time learning to cook, and simple things don't help that as much.
I also forgot to prepare the side dishes, so was very happy when [ profile] delere swooped in to do that. Go Team!

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