Last night was the fight against zombie spiders. Frigga walked on ahead past the plank bridge while everyone else was being cautious, triggering the ambush by 6 giant zombie spiders.

She handled 3 of them while 3 more stymied the party from crossing the bridge. Many heroic actions were taken, but the party prevailed. They are realizing that being low on light sort of sucks, though. They have one torch left, and that is half-way burned through. We left them facing a room with a squad of zombies waiting for them.
So before I leave to play round 3, I thought I'd record round 2.

They vikings went to the cave mouth. They squashed some spiders. They were wounded enough that I let them skip ahead to the boss fight. The boss was very disappointing; I don't think she got any hits in. They left the archer in the back, and he almost died when the spiders looped around and attacked the flank.

Note to self: if your dodge is your only defense, All Out Defend is stupid when below 1/3 hp. May as well All Out Attack, since you can't defend, even with +5 for AOD dodge+retreat.
So I used a heavy handed plot hook- a story about a previous band of heroes who had a Horn of Healing (wanted to replace the party healer, who moved to Maine), and were last seen heading to the lair of an evil sorcerer.

So we do some math for supplies, since they don't know how far away the mountain is. It was very frustrating. It was hard to get people to cohere on a plan, and say who was carrying what. There were a number of fairly simple solutions, they just wouldn't come to an agreement on what solution they were picking as a group, or as individuals.

So anyway, they marched off to the Northwest. First night near target they were attacked by a swarms of spiders; the second night by some larger spiders. In both cases, their armor was largely proof against the attacks. I had intended these encounters to help us all understand the threat of spiders, but since they all resisted the spider venom when bitten, they have no knowledge of it. On the up side, I think I came up with a good (fun) way to handle it, as opposed to the original 'Save Vs HT or be paralyzed', which seemed to be un-fun.

So we ended at the mouth of the main cave. I have two encounters planned for next week, then a boss fight. If we are going strong, there will be a second level, but I should have a while to worry about that.

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