The previous campaign in the game world worked from the premise that a Boston- based business specialized in hiring supers to do jobs more profitably than by conventional methods. The players ended up as a 'trouble shooting' squad- part private security force, part semi-deputized by the local cops.
This sort of private sector thing could work, although the line between vigilante and private security was weird. We often ended up acting like comic supers, with the obvious legal issues that raised.
IT might be hard to have a crisis team do more than react to the 'disaster of the week' although with good character creation, the character stresses could make a good game.

Real super-paramedics would probably just be on call 24/7, either instead of or in addition to working a schedule shift. There will always be jobs fire-proof guy can do that no one else can, and he is going to get called, day off or not.

Jackson Enterprises had construction work that we know of; otherwise, the supers-jobs were not really detailed. Turbo ( a speedster-brick) worked as a paramedic, but that wasn't really a great fit for him. Not like construction was for the growth-brick Croc.
Wow, this was from 1994. Or at least, that was the last modified date

World History, Ted's Super hero game.

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