Last nights play had Dalmatia and Mogaran working on catching up, while Katkt, Dokya, AetherGoth and others worked on the WC quests. Much deviate hide and wailing essence were recovered, and fun was had. I think we peaked at 9 people on at once- almost enough to fill 2 instances at once!

Next week will probably be a return to WC to finish up, perhaps with some pre-planning to make sure we get to the bosses deeper in the instance. As always, if you need help catching up, send out a holler, as I (and others) have alts who can help out.

I stretched out the level range a little this week since I've been guilty of playing a bit with my "main" char outside of scheduled time. I don't want to unilaterally escalate the time expectation of ThursWoW past the 16 hours/4 weeks for the people with busy lives. Plus, I think the good exp span of levels goes up as the level does, so it is a little safer; the more knowledgeable folks may be able to speak on that later. If anyone has thoughts or comments, I'd be happy to hear them.
The current target levels are 17, 18, 19. Levels don't come quite as
fast as they used to. There was general running around and killing, and
an RFC run for Baetor. ([ profile] illustrae's first fun instance run, I think.)

The popular idea for next week was doing Wailing Caverns, although I am
interested in trying the PvP area while the group is near the top of the
10-19 range. The default is Wailing Caverns, so unless anyone else
expresses support for the PvP thing, that is probably what will happen.

For those of you catching up, you may want to include the Wailing Cavern
pre-quests along the way, #4 and #6 below, so you can dive right in. I
encourage people to catch up; 10 players is more than 43% more fun than
7. Plus I like seeing all the cool people; it makes me feel popular.

A handy WC guide from April:
1) Deviate Hides - can be shared, obtained from the cave above WC.
2) Deviate Eradication - can be shared, obtained from the cave above WC.
3) Trouble at the Docks - can be shared, obtained in Ratchet from the
Crane Operator near the shore.
4) Smart Drinks - CHAIN: obtained from guy outside the bank in
Ratchet, but you need to do his Raptor Horns collection quest first.
5) Serpentbloom - can be shared, obtained from Apothecary Zamah in
the Pools of Vision in TB.
6) Leaders of the Fang - CHAIN: you need to have done the Altered
Beings quest from the Tauren in XR. Altered Beings is itself a step
in a chain of quests, it's the step where you collect turtle shells,
the previous steps are all about the oases in the Barrens. Getting
this quest also involves travel to TB.

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