A short outline of what happened in the last game session, in case anyone wants to know.
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I'm gonna miss Wally and Rus. They were fun; well worth the effort of playing a GURPS mage.
Wally's Log from the next to last session. In brief: kill Vermin Lord, find important bodies, uncover plot points, get next power up.

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Not in character thoughts about the last session
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From the Special Saturday Session...
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At the end of the session, Wally was still out from his wounds. The party did win, though.
From the Thursday, May 18 session. Fish Eyes and killing heroes.
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Next session: tomorrow! Packing them in to get done in time.
Wally's Log from the game played on 2006 05 11, bonus Thursday session.

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Wally's log from the 05/09 session
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Extra session planned for TOMORROW! We need to hurry, since a player is leaving.
From the 2006 05 04 Thursday session:
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Next game tomorrow night. Woo-hoo!
Notes from the game session on 4/25

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No game tomorrow; next session is on Thursday. A player has an exam.
For the session played on April 18th; Second half of the fight with Tregor, Undead Barbarian Warrior-King

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Glad to finally get that down; been meaning to write it for a week. Still not doing enough with smells, and the other sensations from the link with Rus. Oh well.
Wally Log; Fighting in the Tombs, 4/11 Session

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Wally's log from the April 4th, 2006 session.
In short: We fought some trolls, and Tom lost his eye.
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We are looking for more players, if you are interested and in the area, let me know.
From the session played on 2006 03 28.
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Next session tonight: Fighting cave trolls.
I am reviewing my notes to write this. We had an interlude game of Super-heroes that went well, and almost played last night, but the GM got called away by Real Life.

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We are scheduled to play again next Tuesday; the player of Tom graduates at the end of Spring term, so we want to move the campaign to a better stopping point.
This is more gaming content; we missed a session last week.
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More gaming content; no real life behind the cut.
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Next session is in schedule limbo, unfortunately. Maybe this weekend, maybe next.
Wally and his dog

I like my camera.
I should do a log, too, but for now, have a picture.

Should I put this behind a cut?
Notes from Wally's Diary
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This is my write-up of the gaming session on 2005-10-19
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