I finished Ring of Fire 2, a collection of short stories in the 1632 world, this weekend. It was OK. The stories varied a bit in terms of quality, and the weakest one was probably the one by Weber himself-it dragged on and on, and had trouble finding a point. The romantic bits in the last few pages were nice. Still, it scratched the itch, combining military action with amusing culture clash and name-dropping(What if Hobbes was shown a copy of Calvin and Hobbes?) Many of the bad guys were transparently bad, but I suspect that is true in real life, too. The jerks who commit 90% of real world crime are very jerky, so when their equivalents appear in fiction they seem unrealistically jerky, since the rest of us avoid jerks as much as possible in reality.

4 of 5 stars to fans of the series, 3 of 5 for everyone else.
As part of my attempts to beat the heat, I finished The Short Victorious War.
In short, unless you are a Honor Harrington fan, skip this book.
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1 of 5 stars.

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