Saw "The King's Speech", walked around the beach and the woods.
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Friday night we went to a bar. Saturday I read 'Rhymes with Orange' archives. Sunday we went to the Aquarium via water taxi.

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I played WoW, Lego, and Heroclix with the niblings.

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I didn't do last week, so I'm doing it here, now.
Last week was Roller Derby. This week was...hang out with nephews, then watch Secondhand Lions and relax at home.

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I may have missed something.
Not much this weekend. A trip to the Lego store for replacement flying mummies, a new power supply from the Apple store, and a lot of lounging around the new apartment relaxing.

The new couch arrived today. Woot!
New Years Eve party. Other fun, including the Aquarium.
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I saw Romeo & Juliet & a weasel.

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Dinner with a friend, SeaLUG, theater and baseball.
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Thai food, Lego, Theater, Zoo, Fish Store and Softball.
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Another solo weekend, but the weather was nice.
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Not really the update here. I may rewrite my travel diary here sometime, but now is not the time.
Here is a link to my flickr photos from the trip.

It was a good trip. Excellent SCUBA diving, excellent snorkeling, good sightseeing and hiking, lovely resort. In the second week our friend T joined us, and she was fun to hang out with. I didn't get to ride an ostrich, or eat cheese stuffed with food, though. I guess I'll just have to go back sometime.
I don't think I did anything Friday.

Saturday I saw Avatar in 3d. A very pretty insult to my intelligence, and the Marines. I had lunch with my brother-in-law at Hooters, which performed as expected. I played some videogames with my nephews. I did laundry.

Sunday I did laundry, grocery shopping and house cleaning. I finished the final season of The Wire. What should I watch now?

(Also: pretty good with 3x3x50 pushups, and 3x60 crunches. Walking at about 60% of goal frequency)
Walked around; didn't see a movie. [ profile] delere is still away. Very sad.
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So this was a long weekend, but probably not a long update. I'm lazier than that.

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I didn't do much this past weekend.

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I miss [ profile] delere who is still in MA with her folks.

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