I dislike large changes to the game experience in WoW Updates. The latest patch made substantial changes to how paladins are played. I don't play games to have to learn new things all the time, I do it to relax and have fun. Having to re-learn how to do something I've been doing for years is not very fun for me.

Is there anyone out there who LIKES having to learn a new way to play a character irregularly?

The breaking of the add-ons is another annoying part of patches. I understand fixing bugs, but this constant juggling to re-balance the game just sucks eggs- and makes NEW bugs.
So my wednesday night WoW group needs to choose which faction to take soon. We have a shaman, priest, warrior and mage.
What should we pick? Or if you don't want to be useful enough to say what we should pick, what should we consider before picking?

I think the Scryers are less pleasant in game, but you can't kill yourself falling off their home area. Neither of those reasons seem very compelling.
I was gonna write my own post for this, but then I remembered strake93 had already written it. And since he taught me to play, I might as well use his words.

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I rode my bicycle to work today. I made one wrong turn, and waited 10 minutes for a train to finish working its way into the railyard, but wasn't any later than a slow bus day. I forgot to wear the rain pants, but didn't really get rained on. I do need to grab some gloves, though. The ride to work is mostly downhill, and it it was chilly enough for the wind to bite.

Beats waiting in the cold when you miss a bus, like I did last night, though.

In other news, I found my printouts of the WoW leveling guide. It starts at 30. My druid is 28 (and my nephew is 29 or 30) so we could probably start, actually. My priest (and sister's mage) are low 20s, though. Anyone got a good guide to wetlands?

WoW notes

Jul. 10th, 2006 11:58 am
I'm pleased; I've got over 500g on Blackhand, and had over 1000g on Suramar (then bid on some expensive toys). I started the upgrade questing on Suramar as well, but am not optimistic about making real progress without a play group or guild.

Uldum has been very frustrating. PvP isn't happening, and I don't want to commit the hours required to join a raiding guild. I think I'll be spending more time on BH and Suramar in the coming weeks. Better to play alone than to wait to play alone.
My default behaviors for looting on an instance run.
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Works for me.
I hit Theramore at level 35.

Get Morgan Stern from Angus Stern at an inn in SW/Mages quarter.
Get James Hyal from Vincent Hyal in Wetlands.
Get 3 soothing spices and a Moonsteel broadsword (From the AH, or a friendly blacksmith. They can be pricey in the AH, so you may just want to skip it)

Take the boat the Theramore from Wetlands.
Cash in Morgan Stern and James Hyal right off. They are in town somewhere. Take the followups.
Gather other quests in town; I forget exactly what is there, but grab it; you can always ditch it later.
Do any UPS in-town runs.
Head north along the road to Witch Hill; a little east of the road, just north of a bridge, find Jarl's hut. Use the soothing spices to finish Jarl's first quest, and get Jarl needs Eyes. Dig up the dead body on the north side of the building to get The orc report.
Follow the road around north, then back to the south; take the west fork to the barrens.
Find the burned out inn south of the road to Barrens. Click on the footprints, the shield on the chimney, and the little badge on one of the boards on the floor. Each starts a quest.
Go do north along the east edge of the marsh.
Find Mudcrush the ogre, and take Hungry.
Continue north; be careful of the horde outpost; you may need to run away from a guard or two.
Grind spiders in the caverns until you have 40 eyes. The spiders spawn fast, and adds happen easy; be careful.
Loop back around the north, killing as you go; very good mob density, heading towards the seacoast.
On the coast, murder murlocs for Hungry. Head south, killing turtles for Murloc Soup and bugs, until you finish it.
Go back to town, cash in everything, repair, etc.
I skipped all the followups that sent me out of zone.
Run north again, turn in the eyes to Jarl, and give him the broadsword for the followup.
Follow the road (grinding as you go, if you like) around again. Swing by the ogre to cash in Hungry. Further south along the road, to the east, is the theramore deserters tower. Enter it, and beat up the guy there.
Stone back to Theramore, and call it a day.

I got an easy level that way. (Didn't do the sword thing, either)
So I was trying to level up my druid using a guide , and it was going pretty well. I got about 3.3 levels with it, before I hit the instruction "Grind X mobs until you are a bubble away from leveling". The mobs are pretty heavily farmed, and 2/3s of a level is a lot of grinding to an ADHD boy like me. So I took a break, and prematurely cashed in some quests, figuring I'd grab some rested time, and that would help me grind faster.

I do want to minimize the calendar time to 60, but I'm not willing to totally sacrifice fun.

So I was done actually playing for a while, and I read a little ahead in the guide. I'm a bit concerned- I've already done some of the quests the guide is having me do next level. Oh well. Maybe I'll actually get some social instance play in or something. Anyone have any suggestions for instances/fun social areas for a 33-35 level druid in the coming week? I suspect I'll need about a level or two outside the guide to get back on track.
Where do the mobs belong?
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Last nights play had Dalmatia and Mogaran working on catching up, while Katkt, Dokya, AetherGoth and others worked on the WC quests. Much deviate hide and wailing essence were recovered, and fun was had. I think we peaked at 9 people on at once- almost enough to fill 2 instances at once!

Next week will probably be a return to WC to finish up, perhaps with some pre-planning to make sure we get to the bosses deeper in the instance. As always, if you need help catching up, send out a holler, as I (and others) have alts who can help out.

I stretched out the level range a little this week since I've been guilty of playing a bit with my "main" char outside of scheduled time. I don't want to unilaterally escalate the time expectation of ThursWoW past the 16 hours/4 weeks for the people with busy lives. Plus, I think the good exp span of levels goes up as the level does, so it is a little safer; the more knowledgeable folks may be able to speak on that later. If anyone has thoughts or comments, I'd be happy to hear them.
The current target levels are 17, 18, 19. Levels don't come quite as
fast as they used to. There was general running around and killing, and
an RFC run for Baetor. ([livejournal.com profile] illustrae's first fun instance run, I think.)

The popular idea for next week was doing Wailing Caverns, although I am
interested in trying the PvP area while the group is near the top of the
10-19 range. The default is Wailing Caverns, so unless anyone else
expresses support for the PvP thing, that is probably what will happen.

For those of you catching up, you may want to include the Wailing Cavern
pre-quests along the way, #4 and #6 below, so you can dive right in. I
encourage people to catch up; 10 players is more than 43% more fun than
7. Plus I like seeing all the cool people; it makes me feel popular.

A handy WC guide from April:
1) Deviate Hides - can be shared, obtained from the cave above WC.
2) Deviate Eradication - can be shared, obtained from the cave above WC.
3) Trouble at the Docks - can be shared, obtained in Ratchet from the
Crane Operator near the shore.
4) Smart Drinks - CHAIN: obtained from guy outside the bank in
Ratchet, but you need to do his Raptor Horns collection quest first.
5) Serpentbloom - can be shared, obtained from Apothecary Zamah in
the Pools of Vision in TB.
6) Leaders of the Fang - CHAIN: you need to have done the Altered
Beings quest from the Tauren in XR. Altered Beings is itself a step
in a chain of quests, it's the step where you collect turtle shells,
the previous steps are all about the oases in the Barrens. Getting
this quest also involves travel to TB.


Oct. 7th, 2005 11:29 am
So more WoW last night; the attendance was a little down, though. We did manage two RFC runs, with different characters each time, although 3 of the players repeated. It was fun; my previous RFC experience was with a lower level, 3-man group when I was a complete newbie. The 5-man, experienced group of 15s went through the instance like a buzzsaw through butter.

I like being a heal-bot more than a mage. Fewer things to think about. I mostly just watch the cast-party status bars, and use 2 or 3 things to keep them happy. The mage, even at level 18, has too many choices for me to keep my head and fingers able to get the right one for the job. AoE? Frost? Arcane missle, in case I'm going to get interrupted? Use the high-threat insta-damage? Too much thinking.

Still, I'm getting to try new things, and that pleases me. The official level is now 16-18, although we have like half the people from the first night who are below that.

As long as we get at least 5 on Thursdays, I'll call it a win. A solid win is 10, since I'm hoping to do Warsong Gulch with cool kids.

Am I ever going to be useful at the office today? It doesn't look that likely.

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