Oct. 10th, 2017 11:16 am
BrickCon, and we are moving.
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This weekend I flew to Denver with some friends to play V:TES with Denver other players who flew in.

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This weekend was very low key; T and I went for a 3 mile walk on Vashon.
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Arm still hurts. Cracked bone and a sprain. PT is progressing nicely.
Eclipse was cool, traffic sucks.
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On August 6th, I crashed my bike and hurt my arm, so typing hurts.
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Meeples demo. Spiderman. Fail to resolve cell phone issues.
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I can think of four kinds of laws, treating law as 'limitation on behavior':

  • Laws of Nature
  • Internal Moral Laws
  • Community Laws
  • Enforced Laws

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Went to a Zoo fundraiser, saw a play and rode bikes to summerfest.
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Rode my bike, went to SeaLUG, went to NW Trek.
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I did a game demo, and some shopping. I also had dinner with my mother.
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I biked to Georgetown where they had a street fest. The sword provider failed to show up for the party.
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Rented a boat at UW, and cycled.
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I kept this diary in a tiny notepad, and would prefer it was transcribed.
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I did some SJG demos at Meeples for Tabletop Day, and rode my bike.
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