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The first session of the viking game happened last night. It went fairly well-players had fun, we got some solid practice at combat (which is going to be the focus, I think). We were down a player, which I suppose I should have expected.

The game started in media res, with the party in a cave fighting little goblins. I got surprisingly good rolls, and the party bad ones, so what should have been an easy encounter was actually a challenge. Just as the last of the little ones was getting dispatched (by the player who actually got points for Bloodlust, instead of finishing folks off voluntarily) the ogres arrived. You'd think 5 ogres vs 5 skilled viking warriors would be a fair fight, but the party wasn't in a good ready position, and once again, I rolled well in the first round. So it was a hard slog, with some folks well below 0 HP, and the party beginning to withdraw, when an ogre got a solid hit on a fleeing player, and she woke up- it was all a nightmare.

So that was fun. My program performed fairly badly. I hadn't done nearly enough testing of the units, or trials of the whole thing. My bug list is quite large. I think I need to scale back my goal to just the combat chart, instead of going for the whole die-rolling, health tracking, bell and whistles gadget fest that doesn't work.

But the bells and whistles are more interesting. I dunno.
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