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Trying to sort out the events into a narrative.

The party was asked to deal with a marauding ogre in a valley. They traveled there, and met two other erstwhile heroes also looking in to the problem, Aesa and Geir. They joined forces, and traveled to the problem area. They met a local farmer, and intimidated him with their bloodthirsty overconfidence. He directed them to where the last attack occurred. The discovered the destroyed farm house, and followed ogre and orc tracks away. Along the way, they were attacked by a handful of goblins. They dispatched them quickly, taking a few scratches. (A very introductory combat)

Traveling further, they had some intra-party conflict as an overly curious Geir tried to "look" at Grimman's sword. Grimman started throwing punches. While that was going on, the Ogre and orcs descended on them. (I shorted the number of orcs since Tryggvi wasn't present for this session.) Helga and Grimman double-teamed the ogre, who didn't manage to land a blow. Geir and Aesa each ended up facing an orc, and Frigga took on two. In less than 10 seconds, they won, keeping the ogre from running away.

I rolled terribly for the bad guys. They hit infrequently, and the few times I did, the party's defenses were ample. In hindsight, the ogre's skill should have been higher.

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