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After resting in town and healing up, the party outfitted with rations, torches and a lantern. (Which took much longer to work out than it does to say).
They made it to the evil mountain without incident. On the final approach, they encountered a footprint that was only a few days old. The followed the trail for a while, before losing it in a rocky patch. After a discussion of what to do next, they started heading back to the cave, only to be ambushed by a skeletal archer hiding in the bushes. The archer mis-judged how quickly the party could run, and was quickly dispatched. The loot included a magic quiver and the enchanted bones.

They camped that night in the cave, and Grimman burned the bones, hopefully releasing the spirit trapped in them. The next morning, the party marched into the cave, past the first chamber and into the second, with the chasm. Frigga jumped across, while Grimman proceeded more carefully with a rope after climbing down. When about half the party was across, more spider zombies attacked. They didn't last long; Geir fired arrows into the eyes (and brains) of the biggest one, and the others were dispatched easily. Unfortunately, Helga got clocked by one, and needed healing. They rested for an hour or two, used their magical healing, and were ready to roll for the next session.

Helga's Log

Date: 2008-11-11 09:15 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] kpram.livejournal.com
Today is the 21st of May.
Me and the gang finish gearing up and start our way back up to that evil wizards tower.
Gier tells me he sees booted foot prints about two days old. We follow them a ways but Gier looses them in the rocks. On our way back up the mountain, I'm hit (armor bounces it) by an arrow shot at her from a hidden coward. Nearest cover is about 20 yards out. The ambusher won't come out so I gotta go flush the bastard. I lead the charge down the mountainside directing Gier to guard the packs. Frigga makes it to the skeleton first, followed by me and Aesa. Grimman stops and heads back to aid Gier in pack duty. Frigga finishes it off and makes sure that it's good and gone.
Searching the corpse, I find a odd magic quiver. It appears to have infinite, armor-piercing arrows. Something that Gier can probably use. Frigga removes an arm and takes it back to Grimman. He spends some time talking to the bone. Gier spends some time examining the quiver then heads to the body to examine the bow. Grimman goes along to talk to the body some more. I have to clean up the dropped packs and we regroup. Grimman picks up all the bones and stuffs them in his pack. After all this is done, we are at 11:15 am. Gier again attempts to follow her footsteps to find where she came from. We follow for at least an hour and a half, which takes us back to the rocks we lost her footsteps originally. Enough of this, I head us back to the small alcove after gathering firewood. At our camp, Grimman tries to burn most of the bones in our campfire. In five or ten seconds, he then tries to fling the bones out of the fire. He knocks a few out and tries again, then turns around and asks for assistance in getting more bones out. Eventually he gets them all out.
Gier throws an "evil" written on rock into the fire. I help Grimman rebuild the fire and he throws all the bones back in to the blaze. He then reaches back in and grabs a cracked rune inscribed bone.
Grimman and Gier leave thier packs of food and some arrows in the alcove. We then make our way up to the cave and get there early morning. The spiders cave appears abandond. After a bit, we notice that the spider corpses are dragged further into the tunnel, including the big spider queen. She appears to have also been dragged further into the mountain. We follow our prior trail further back and find the bridge is gone. Frigga jumps across while Grimmon climbs down. I tie my rope off, loop it around a rock, and throw the rope to Frigga. Grimman then uses it to cross the fast river. Aesa then crosses the same way. Just as Aesa reaches the other side, the spider queen is heard. Quickly I try to haul up the rope. I barely dodge two nasty blows from the giant spider. The spider queen comes for me again and once again I dodge. Finally I get the rope untied and once more am attacked, this time getting hit hard and knocked on my ass. Gier manages to bring down the giant spider and narrowly misses crushing me beneath it, the lantern light is extinguished. The smaller pony-sized spider continues to attack me. Frigga jumps back over the chasm,trying to defend me. Gier fires two arrows into it that smaller spider and drops it.
Damn, I need to rest for a while before we regroup on the other side. Thank be to the gods for that Horn. It is now 9:30am and I'm finally starting to feel up for getting further into this mess.

Date: 2008-11-11 10:06 pm (UTC)

Grimman's Log A

Date: 2008-11-17 06:59 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] kpram.livejournal.com
Frigga’s colorful tales may be fun, but lack a bit in accuracy, if you follow me. I’ll stick to a more level-headed accounting, thanks.

After too long in town, we’re finally off again. I can’t wait to leave—too many people getting on my nerves. The trail back to the cave is well-known to us now, and we make quick progress to the foot of the mountain.

Something interesting has turned up; Geir has found boot prints, and they’re relatively fresh! He and I work on following them, hoping to find what guard or fellow treasure hunter has left them. It seems best to deal with them now, and not leave them behind as a surprise for later. Unfortunately, they lead us to hard ground, where we quickly lose the trace.

“We should find a different way in,” I tell my friends. “The way we went will be held more strongly against us now. It would be wisest to sneak in another way, where resistance will be weaker.”

Unfortunately, they all think the old way is best. “We know that path.” “We’ve killed the main defenders there, it will be easier now.” Ah well…I think they’re wrong, but far be it from me to shrink from danger. We’ll just have to be more aware and careful. We begin our hike back to the spider cave.

Grimman's Log B

Date: 2008-11-17 07:00 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] kpram.livejournal.com
Archer attack! Probably from “Boots.” Everyone but Geir charges off in the general direction the arrow came from, but I don’t think anyone really knows where they’re going. A few more arrows come, but in the excitement it’s hard to tell from where. Everyone’s way ahead of me now, and I realize we’ve left Geir alone. Cursing, I look back. He seems OK, but I’d better get back there, in case of further ambush. The others quickly hack down the archer; a skeletal thing in rags. Frigga shows me an arm bone, covered in disturbing writing. Something feels wrong about the bone…

“I must see the rest of the body,” I tell her. She shrugs…she considers my affinity with the spirits something of a harmless affectation, I think. The skeleton is clearly bound to a spirit, still, and that spirit cannot speak to me. Perhaps whoever bound it with the writing has other hooks in it, keeping it silent and helpless. While my companions look on, some in confusion, others with distaste, I stuff the remains into my backpack. “We must lay them to rest,” I say, thinking the evening fire may suffice.

The rest of the hike to the cave is uneventful. We set up camp, and build up the fire. Looking at it carefully, I decide it should be good enough a pyre for the archer’s remains. I try again to talk to her (the ghost seems female), asking if I should burn the body, and whether I should keep any part, for any reason, but receive no answer. I begin to feed the bones to the flames, hoping to release the tormented soul to Valhalla.

Foul wailing! No one else seems to hear it; it must be the ghost. What have I done wrong? Bodies should be burned to speed the spirits on their way! I begin to fling the bones out of the fire, but that doesn’t seem to help at all. The bone in my pack! It must be the problem! Everyone’s looking at me like I’m crazy, but some are trying to help. “Put the bones back in the fire!” I shout, as I root through my pack for the last one. I fling it in the fire, and soon the wailing stops, and the spirit seems gone. Surely, one of the carved bones will be a powerful totem against the creator of the being; I grab one that is not wholly burned, and (after it cools) put it safely away.

At dawn, we ready ourselves to go deep under the earth again. Blue and Sven (Ah, Sven, why’d you eat those mushrooms, I told you they were poison!) take their leave of us now. They fear some great, dark power in this mountain. I’m sad to see them go, but better that than have to fight them later!

Grimman's Log C

Date: 2008-11-17 07:00 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] kpram.livejournal.com

The caves are as we left them. Nothing bars our progress or jumps from the shadows…yet. Not far in, someone says, “Why aren’t there any corpses here?” With a start, I realize they’re right, there should be dead spiders around…thinking of the skeletal archer, I wonder what the spiders might now be. And what of the giant one? Relatively weak in life, might it be a true threat, in death?

We’re at the chasm now. Damn, where’s the bridge? I creep carefully ahead, checking the walls and ceiling for spiders, and the floor for planks. None of either. Peering down into the chasm, all I see is the river. I think it looks possible to climb down, ford the river, and climb back up. Certainly, much easier than the jump. “I don’t think I can make the jump,” I say. Knowing how such things can slow us with arguments, I begin climbing down right away. Dark, cold, and noisy down here. I’ll need help…falling in this water would be deadly. I call up above, “We’ll need rope, to use as a guide across…but how will we anchor the other end?”

“I’ll do it,” I hear…from the other side. Of course, Frigga has jumped the chasm…Frigga, always rushing ahead. Not a bad trait for a warrior, but sometimes I worry she takes it too far. In any case, it’s welcome this time. Aesa and I get across well enough, but there’s something moving down there now!

Spiders, just as we feared, come skittering out of the darkness! With the party split, it’s hard to keep track of all that goes on. It’s not long before the huge spider I feared pulls itself up…and damn it, but it’s on the other side!

“We killed ‘em once, we can do it again,” I think. Frigga, Aesa, and I make quick work of our spiders. Unfortunately it seems foolish for us to try to get back in time, so we watch and wait. After a while, it’s clear the big one isn’t moving, someone’s put it down. Aesa and I eye the exits, watching for trouble. We were noisy, but maybe we’re lucky, and haven’t brought more trouble running…

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