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After resting in town and healing up, the party outfitted with rations, torches and a lantern. (Which took much longer to work out than it does to say).
They made it to the evil mountain without incident. On the final approach, they encountered a footprint that was only a few days old. The followed the trail for a while, before losing it in a rocky patch. After a discussion of what to do next, they started heading back to the cave, only to be ambushed by a skeletal archer hiding in the bushes. The archer mis-judged how quickly the party could run, and was quickly dispatched. The loot included a magic quiver and the enchanted bones.

They camped that night in the cave, and Grimman burned the bones, hopefully releasing the spirit trapped in them. The next morning, the party marched into the cave, past the first chamber and into the second, with the chasm. Frigga jumped across, while Grimman proceeded more carefully with a rope after climbing down. When about half the party was across, more spider zombies attacked. They didn't last long; Geir fired arrows into the eyes (and brains) of the biggest one, and the others were dispatched easily. Unfortunately, Helga got clocked by one, and needed healing. They rested for an hour or two, used their magical healing, and were ready to roll for the next session.
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