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The party did the month of downtime, including a visit home. Grimman visited Gyda.
They decided to track down the eventual resting place of "Odd, Dragon-slayer" in hopes of recovering his cool axe.

They reach the town near Icerock (where Odd is believed to have died). They head out to Icerock. Wandering Wyverns buzz them, but are driven off by a little resistance. Most of the party isn't really equipped to fight a ranged battle. The next day, they find the beach were Odd's ship seems to be beached, and hike/climb a ways up the mountain.

Helga's Log

Date: 2008-12-02 11:10 pm (UTC)
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May 26th, 2:00 pm

We are packing up to head back to town.

May 30 - June 30

We head back to our home town of Rocky Fir so that Grimman can talk to Gieda. She warns him that the lich’s staff and unknown potion are bad magic. We give them to her for disposing of. Aesa heard rumors about a sweet dragon slaying axe, wielded by a guy named Odd, near Ice Rock Passage. The area in the passage has been beset for generations by wyverns. When Odd came through 10 years ago, the wyvern problem died down some, but they are now worse then ever. Odd was never heard from again, so hopefully Aesa can lay claim to his axe.

July 1

We’re heading off to Ice Rock Passage to slay wyverns. We come upon the nearest town of Stad, half a day's sail from Ice Rock.

July 2

Aesa goes off to the Jarl's house to find out about the wyvern problem. They informed her that the wyverns primarily target non military boats. Grimman attempts to find the local wise woman, but to no avail. Frigga cleans the boat. Helga takes Gier out and tries to find a map of the area, but also to no avail. We make the ship ready for sail.

July 3

In the early afternoon, Aesa takes me and Grimman to inform Jarl Koll that we will be taking care of his wyvern problem. He'll summon a famous bard to tell our tale should we succeed. Back to the boat and set sail to Ice Rock Passage, easy sailing! When we get into the channel, we are attacked by three wyverns. I set the boat on "autopilot" and prepare for battle. Two off the starboard circle at 50 feet out and the one off port attempts a slam against Gier, he manages to dodge as Aesa takes a chunk out of its wing. He then pops it with a barrage of shots from his bow as the beast flies off. I spotted the optimal place at the north side of Ice Rock Mountain to park the boat at early night. Troubled with insomnia during the night.

July 4

We have found one way up the mountain from this cove, a narrow ravine with a small trickle of water flowing through it. After 30 minutes the ravine narrows more, down to one abreast. After a full hour of climbing, it appears to be too narrow for us to continue. We all head back down to the boat and scout for another location. At 9:00 am we reach the boat and shove off. At late afternoon, Grimman spots a way up. I beach the boat next to an older boat, beached here as well. The boat has been exposed to the elements for many years, with all equipment very degraded, though the boat itself is sound and seaworthy. Would be very worth our while to try and tow this hull out if we have the time. Bed down and sleep. (My next insomnia attack will take place on July 15th.)

July 5
We head out at first light, after grabbing a lot of rope. Starting at noon, the ground gets rough and we tie off. Once we hit twilight, Gier notices that there is one big wyvern and several ox sized ones and they appear to be watching us climb. Grimman finds us a tight alcove to sleep in during the night.

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