May. 14th, 2007

Jarl Skorri is in his 50s, and has generally been a wise and just ruler. His health is overall good, despite the weight he has been gaining as he gets older. He lost an eye in battle many years ago. His wife died years ago, although he keeps two favored concubines. He has no children left. His oldest son Brand left on an expedition to the west 4 years ago, and Eirik went on a raid two years ago from which no one returned. Losing Eirik made the Jarl melancholy and conservative, but he remains a good ruler.

Gyda is older than anyone else in Odense. She lives up in the woods, comes to the Jarl's halls for some festivals and feasts, but not all. There is always a place set for her, though. When folks need a potion, or other witchcraft, they go up to 'those woods', and don't talk about what happens. Otherwise, folks avoid her and her woods, traveling around it if necessary.

Pere is the blacksmith. Not native to Odense, he arrived as a young man. Surprisingly thin, he is still quite strong. He claims to have studied under dwarfs to learn his trade, and does good work. He won't make weapons, but his tools are highly regarded.


May. 14th, 2007 12:35 pm
It is very Monday. I have the stupids something fierce. Makes it hard to do work. Gaming tonight, hopefully. I'm gonna be pretty punchy.

I stayed up too late last night- working on my GURPS program, and reading. Had a coke with dinner, which didn't help. Couldn't sleep. So my brain is just shot.

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