Dec. 2nd, 2008

This is way out of date; the session was before Thanksgiving.

The party pressed on deeper into the cave. They killed some oblivious skeleton miners. They attacked the wizard in his lair, rushing in perhaps a little more quickly than was prudent. The fought the giant zombie, and the just-a-little-large zombie, the two skeleton guards, and the lighting-ball-tossing wizard. All enemies were vanquished. Loot in the form of coins, potions and a magic crown was pillaged.
The party did the month of downtime, including a visit home. Grimman visited Gyda.
They decided to track down the eventual resting place of "Odd, Dragon-slayer" in hopes of recovering his cool axe.

They reach the town near Icerock (where Odd is believed to have died). They head out to Icerock. Wandering Wyverns buzz them, but are driven off by a little resistance. Most of the party isn't really equipped to fight a ranged battle. The next day, they find the beach were Odd's ship seems to be beached, and hike/climb a ways up the mountain.

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